Couples Triathlon

On Sunday I had the joy of waking up at 4:00 am for a triathlon. These are the joys of triathlon’ing I tell ya, 4:00 am wake up calls. And my wave didn’t even start until 8:02.

The triathlon I did is called Couples Triathlon, formerly known as Capital View Triathlon. It was my first triathlon in 2011, I kind of love it. But I hate the course, but I love the race. So I keep going back year after year. This year I chose the sprint distance because I have a 70.3 six days later, eeeeep! It was really nice to only have a sprint to prepare for. The night before I didn’t feel stressed gathering me gear, it was so simple!

Race morning was chilly, 58 degrees. The water was warm and pleasant, not too wavy. My wave only had 12 girls in it, which made for a peaceful 400 yards. I did get brave and start in the front of the wave. It’s the first time I’ve ever felt ballsy enough to do it, and it was a good decision. I was fourth in my AG out of the water in 7:55.

Another first, I ran from the beach to transition. I normally walk to transition to keep my heart rate in check. In transition I put my bike shoes on without socks! My feet would be okay without socks for the wee little 10.5 mile bike ride. The only thing that took a few extra seconds was trying to get my shrug on my wet arms. It was chilly and I needed that layer on the bike.

The bike course is tough, even if it is only 10.5 miles! There’s a big climb right out of the parking lot from the race site. It took me forever to recover from it! Other than the bike course being tough, I was slightly annoyed by the carelessness of some of the novices out there. With the name change of the event I think it invited a lot more novices, which is GREAT. But, they rode 3 wide on the road. I hope next year the race organizers try to emphasize some bike safety and etiquette on the roads.

Transition two was smooth and I headed off to the run. The run course is also tough, it’s on trails. I swear the entire first mile was all up hill. I had to take three walk breaks because I’m just not trail trained. Trail hills are a different beast than road hills. The night before the race it rained and my feet sunk into the mud, making it extra difficult to push on. After the first ten minute mile I finally found a grove, thanks to the quarter mile on pavement.

It was short and sweet, and I finished with a 5 minute PR. The best part about finishing was that I got to run to the car, grab our DSLR camera, and be ready at the finish waiting for John to finish his first Olympic distance triathlon. Normally it’s the other way around! The other best part about finishing is that this year they handed out finisher medals!


So yay finish and PR!! And wooooooooooo 70.3 in a few days.  Eeep.


5 thoughts on “Couples Triathlon

  1. How could the water have felt warm?! One thing I love about you is that you enjoy a challenge (even if you whine about it ….) Also, you are so darn cute!

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