Door County 70.3

After finishing my fourth 70.3 distance triathlon, I am torn. So many feels. I’m happy, I’m frustrated, I’m glad, mad, motivated, inspired, freaked out, and grateful. All those things and more.

My swim felt okay to me, not uber fast or slow, just a swim. I got slapped in the face a few times by Lake Michigan, swallowed a gallon of it too, the usual. Nothing really to write home about here. My swim time was a surprise to me, 40 minutes. That time does include my tea and scone time with the wetsuit strippers, apparently.

On the bike, I immediately felt the need to potty. Try to pee on the bike, try to pee on the bike, release, tryyyyyy. It won’t come out. Welp, too bad, I refuse to stop on the bike to pee. Other than that, I felt like I was cruising pretty good! Every now and then I’d sneak a peek at my bike computer and see 18 mph average. Then I pretended I could do math in my head and calculate what I needed to maintain to finish my bike ride in under 3 hours. I decided to just pedal, pedal, pedal!

Around my mile 25 I was surprised to see John headed back in the opposite direction several miles ahead of me. His swim wave started before mine and he is kind of terrified of the swim. He also is really bad at sighting and often ends up swimming out towards the middle of the lake. Before the race I jokingly told him I’d catch up to him, punch him in the head, and keep swimming. That must have scared him into getting out of the water quicker!

My bike time ended up being 3:11, a 17.7 mph average. That’s my personal best. I like it! Though I can’t help but wonder how much faster I would have gone if I could just pee on the bike.

My run started off okay. Just shuffling along in the noon hour sun, like you do. Got passed a lot. The cap kept falling off of my handheld, I kept walking, wah. Nothing was wrong, nothing hurt, I just had little will to run. I saw familiar faces on the other side of the road, I waved, I yelled YAY GO YOU!! At mile 6 there was a half mile long hill, that seemed like a good time to walk and eat Skittles.

At mile 9 there was a big, awful, steep bluff. It took me 16 minutes to walk up this thing. This was the part of the course where everyone was my friend, we talked, we laughed, we cried, we struggled and overcame together.

By mile 10 I was toast. Miles 10-13 were the loneliest, longest, awful three miles of the entire race. No spectator support, there wasn’t a lot of back of the pack runners left, it was hotttt, and windy, and yuck. During my three mile walk I realized how unprepared I am to run 13.1, and HOLY CRAP the 26.2 of 140.6 in just eight weeks.

Thankfully the last half a mile is downhill. WeeeEEeeee FINISH!! I ran down the chute gleefully knowing how close I was to that post race beer.

After I inhaled some food and beer I went to get my results.

Swim: 40 minutes — WHAT?? Is THAT my SLOWEST 70.3 swim?? Ugh.

T1:  2:11

Bike: 3:11 Awesome.

T2:  2:40

Run: 2:36 — Cry. Just plain cry.

Total:  6:33:03

I wept, I had no idea just how terribly I did on that run since I ran without my Garmin. It was my personal worst 13.1 ever. EVER. WTF!! My personal worst run added to my personal worst overall finish time of 6:33. After a few minutes of crying I got over it and went to cheer for the last hour of finishers trickling in. Cheering for the latecomers was the wisest thing I did all day. They lifted my spirits!

Though I was disappointed with my performance, it was still an awesome weekend. I got to see my husband start and dominate his first 70.3 distance triathlon, cheer for my friends, and enjoy Door County.

There will be future 70.3 distance triathlons to crush!



7 thoughts on “Door County 70.3

  1. I hope you’re still over it. I know it’s hard when you don’t always do better, but when you step back and take a look at all you did you should be really proud!

  2. Way to go! Even if it wasn’t your best time, you still kept fighting until the end and you finished!! And I think that is awesome! I have the 70.3 bug now so the fact you have done FOUR makes you seem like a rockstar to me :)! And congrats to your husband on his first 70.3 as well!

  3. Congrats to you and John!!!! I’ve road my bike on some of those hills and I can’t even imagine having to run up them. OOF.

    P.S. You two are so damn adorable!

  4. I think you’re a triathlon beast. You inspire me so much. And it’s funny about time. Your WORST HIM time is almost 2 hours quicker than when I did Oceanside 70.3….I would love to have your speed but I guess it’s all relative. Well done! Remember when we were stressing about our first HIM? Next stop: IMWI!

  5. I love reading about your tris…I’d never have a chance at one and you push on through all of them! And so what if it’s your slowest HIM time — you’re in the middle of training, you’re supposed to be tired. And you’re getting legit training on a race course — especially when things don’t go quite right, now you know you can still power through if you keep your head on straight!

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