Dogtoberfest 5k

On Saturday morning I woke up eager to run a 5k with my silly little family of husband and dogs. It’s a small 5k in Middleton, WI where you run with your dog. The divisions are small dogs, medium dogs, and big dogs. No age group awards, just dog size/place awards! Very fun, and gives middle of the pack people like me a chance!

Last year when we ran it we didn’t have Ziggy yet, in fact, that race is what got us thinking that we needed another dog. Thanks to this race Ziggy is in our life!

Going into this 5k I wanted to try to finish 3rd in my division, based off of last year’s results I knew it was possible. For the last couple of weeks I’ve been taking Dexter out for 1 mile runs to try to train him. He’s kind of a sloth…slow, lazy, not really into running. John took Ziggy because he had a better chance at winning an award than I did, so it made sense for him to take the faster dog. Plus, trailing behind John only worked in my favor, as Dexter was pulling me, trying to catch up to John.

For the first two miles of the race Dexter and I were flying! I was even the first female for the first mile! It felt pretty awesome, I’ve never been in that position before. I’m not fast. It was just neat to get a taste of what being fast must feel like. That awesome feeling went down the pooper, literally, when Dexter decided to stop and pop a squat at mile 2.5. Poopy!!

I finished in 28:34, a 9:12 pace. Not bad, but not what I was shooting for either. I really think I could have squeaked in under 26 minutes if Dexter didn’t have to stop and poop! I am proud of Dexter though, it’s a 3 minute PR for him! And it turns out that we came in second in the large dog division for females. Hooray!! I finally made the little grid on the top of the OnlineRaceResults website! Our overall for large dog division was fourth, so I came very close to winning that 3rd!

John finished in 23 minutes and change, coming in fourth in the medium dog division. He also had to stop so Ziggy could poop. Darn pooping!!

No awards this year, but Ziggy did win the tail wagging contest! And we got some great race photos to remember the fun!




5 thoughts on “Dogtoberfest 5k

  1. This is the most awesome race I have every seen! Also, Ziggy seems to be taking his leader position very seriously at the start and telling everyone about it!

  2. Sounds like a fun race! I’ve always wanted a dog that i can run with. We have a min pin, so he can run for a block, but then he’s tired. A 1 mile walk wears him out. Lol. If i took our dog to this race, we’d be dead last because yes, he’d have to stop & poop, but also stop & smell every blade of grass, or for hydrant, etc along the way. Congrats to you, John & your dogs!!!

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