On Sunday morning I took a little road trip to Milwaukee to spectate the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon. My main motive to go was to cheer and thank my friend Rasberi who came all the way to Madison to cheer for me two years in a row at Ironman. It means a lot that someone came from an hour away, knowing that I have friends in Madison that didn’t come. I met Rasberi on Twitter in 2010, and we’ve been good interwebs running pals since. After Ironman this year I told John that we HAD to go cheer for her in Milwaukee, so we did.

John and I planted ourselves somewhere around mile 20, and just happen to run into Nicky, also a pal from Twitter. Nicky looked at the sign I brought and burst out laughing, because obviously we should have coordinated…


What fun it was to run into her, the three of us cheered for every single runner that flew past! We saw the leaders of the race, who looked so fierce and full of focus! We got to see all the friends we were waiting for, they all looked so happy! I cheered and screamed until my voice ran out. My hands hurt from clapping too. Now I get why people use cowbells!

After John and I saw everyone we waited for to pass mile 20, we started heading back to our car, and I said to him, “This is the part of the marathon that inspires me, the back of the pack runners. They’re all out, just having fun, appreciating the spectators, walking, smiling, getting to the finish line. I love this. I want to do this tomorrow”

And then when I got home from the marathon I found a marathon next Sunday. Whoop! I found it, and tried my hardest to talk myself out of it. I went upstairs and took a salt bath to sooth my sore muscles from running hard in a 5k on Saturday. In the tub I only thought of reason to do it.

I came downstairs and John had the registration screen already up for me. He knows me too well. I impulsively registered.

So, thank you Milwaukee Lakefront Runners, for inspiring me to do something crazy!

6 thoughts on “Spectating

  1. I’m a competitive person, though fairly uncoordinated (yeah it’s hard being me haha) but I’ve learned that the back of the pack is pretty darn inspirational. I have to admit that I’m impressed by the winners, but that’s never what it’s all about. Out of all the accomplishments I’m most proud of, none of them include me winning anything. Thanks for awesome reminder. Good luck on your run!

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