Super-secret Far-Fetched

If you put a goal on the internet, it means it has to be done. It HAS to! Otherwise you will let down dozens of people you’ve never even met, and yourself of course. If you keep the goal in your brain, then nobody knows. That’s how I feel about my goals anyway.

I have this super-secret, far-fetched crazy dream. It’s so far-fetched it feels ridiculous to even type. I typed it, then laugh-snorted as I backspaced, because LOLOLOL Who am I kidding? Myself. I am hilarious to myself, sometimes.

So why am I even posting this blather? Because my super-secret far-fetched dream has been nagging at me all week. My mind keeps going there, I can picture myself putting in all the hard work, taking this thing seriously, and maybe even succeeding. I could doooooooo it.

Then there’s the fear of failure. What if I put in years of hard work and don’t achieve it? I am my own dream squasher. This is something that I couldn’t just try again tomorrow. It’s a long term goal, years. Years of hard work and sacrifice. There are no guarantees.

UntitledOn Monday I turned a year older, wiser and stronger. I treated myself to a 10 mile jaunt in the city’s version of the woods. It gave me the time to play with these nagging far-fetched, super-secret dream musings. I fell down nine miles in. I laid there, laughed with my face in the dirt, and them scrambled up to finish my jaunt in the woods. I’m an Ironman, a two-time Ironman. That is evidence that if I set my mind to something, I can make it happen.

I hear that the goals that scare us the most are the ones most worth fighting for. I might not be ready to boldly plaster my goal onto the internet right now, but that’s okay, I like to pick fights.


7 thoughts on “Super-secret Far-Fetched

  1. Oh noooooooo….
    You CAN’T do this to us. A secret… ‘something’.

    Should I tell you that I’ve have an Ironman challenge ready to send to a friend of mine … in my email draft for TWO years!!! Will that break your silence…?!? We did Tri’s together over 30 years ago… but never too young, eh?!

    Put it on the the Web.
    Let us know.
    It WILL motivate you!
    It will motivate US!!

    Awww, heck, you always motivate me anyway (even though I haven’t blogged for over a year, I’m still running). But whatever it is… we will ALL support you. You know it!

    Because simply put, Ms 2x IronWomen, the things you’ve accomplished already are Amazing!

  2. I’ve got one too and it’s called “Qualifying for Boston” – I am getting to the point where I would really like to work on my marathon pace and see if there is any chance (starting next fall probably). Before I will ever BQ though, I know I will need to set smaller goals and work towards those… it will probably take years as well! But what’s a dream/goal if it comes easily, right? The stuff you work towards the hardest, is the most rewarding when and if you get there! Don’t be afraid to post your goals, you are an Ironman so you are capable of great things!

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