Tyranena Beer Run 2014

The Tyranena Beer Run has quickly become one of those special can’t miss races for me. When I plan out my fall, I’m careful to make sure I have enough recovery time from a longer distance race to arrive at the Tyranena starting line with legs ready to go. This year I was a tad reckless with my planning.  After Ironman Wisconsin in September I ran a full marathon 6 weeks later, a 13.1 two weeks after that, and then the Tyranena Beer run (13.1) another 2 weeks later.  Time between races was spent on recovery and fitness maintenance.

Lucky for me, my legs cooperated! My past two years Tyranena Beer Run finishes were 2:01 and 1:59. I knew realistically that wasn’t in my cards this year, but I started off strong hoping I could get close. The first three miles I maintained a nine minute mile, but then the hills started to get to me. I slowed to 9:20s, and finally by mile nine I bonked hard and had a fit with my layers. It’s impossible for me not to overdress when the starting temperature is 30 degrees!

I finished in 2:08, which is actually my fastest 13.1 this year. I’m not ecstatic about it, but I’m not disappointed either. I’ll get back to sub twos in 2015!

Of course the Tyranena Beer Run hosts the BEST post race party with a plate of lasagna, two beers, and a dozen of my runner friends!



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